Monday 20 April 2015

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Extreme Sailing Series - SAP Extreme Sailing Team capsizes    
Sun, 17 Nov 2013

In race 7 on the third day of the Extreme Sailing Series in Florianopolis at 1705 BRST, SAP Extreme Sailing Team capsized. In gusty and testing conditions, as the team came out of a gybe, a big gust caught their Extreme 40, resulting in the capsize.

The Safety Team were immediately on site to provide assistance. Pete Cumming (GBR) onboard suffered a minor injury to his bottom ribs after falling the full height of the boat, landing on the boom and was taken ashore for treatment within four minutes of the incident occurring. The rest of the crew onboard SAP Extreme Sailing Team are and the Safety Team are working to recover the boat.

Extreme Sailing Series

by Nicola Moore

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