Monday 30 March 2015

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Up for auction: Shenzhen Sea Sports Base and Voyage Sports School    
Tue, 22 Jul 2014

Well known to China Cup participants as the regatta’s impressive and expansive marina base, the Shenzhen Sea Sports Base and Voyage Sport School was built to host the sailing and windsurfing events of the 26th Universiade, in 2011. It is a 218 'small ships' marina (sorry, no superyachts here) with 16,500sqm of ancillary buildings – teaching and administration facilities, media rooms, and accommodation for 400 athletes and students. The marina has slipways and hardstanding, and the athletes’ village has a selection of all-weather pitches.

Right next door to the Daya Bay nuclear power station, it was built at a cost of RMB366m (USD59m) and has been pretty much unoccupied since its brief few days in the sun. The colossal size of the facility and its near-abandonment bring home the importance of generating ‘legacy’ out of municipal spending on such a scale.

The owners of the facility, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture Sports and Tourism, are now inviting bids at auction for a management company take over the facility and run it as a public watersports centre for 20 years – or until 2049… the document is not clear. There are a lot of conditions attached, including requirements to run (free) sailing and watersports events at both regional and national level, provide (free) permanent accommodation for the coaches and athletes of the Shenzhen sailing and windsurfing team, and (free) summer and winter youth sports camps.

If you are interested in running a watersports facility in the middle of nowhere, and giving away free most of your revenue stream and what should be the biggest cash-generating events of the year, then get your Performance Bond for RMB10m (USD1.6m) on the table before 1630h on 12 August 2014.

Meanwhile, you can see the full text of the Announcement of Auction document at the website of the Management Committee of Dapeng New District:

by Guy Nowell, Sail-World Asia

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