Canadian Marine Industry Advertising 

As sailors worldwide vote with their mice, companies are realising that they need to adjust the distribution of their advertising budgets to include internet-based visibility.

 Sail-World Stats -   Sail-World is the largest online sailing news group in the world, with Sail-World USA, Sail-World Canada, Sail-World Europe, Sail-World UK, Sail-World Asia, Sail-World New Zealand and Sail-World Australia, along with Sail-World Cruising all carrying local news and major international news.

Sail-World in 2008 received 1.2 million unique visitors. Its Canadian  newsletters are being sent to over 24,000 readers each week.

This in combination with Sail-World USA is easily the largest sailing newsletter distribution in North America. World-wide we had 185,000 unique readers i Febrary 2010. is a mainstay source of information for serious sailors because we are more event-oriented than any other sailing website in the world. We cover offshore racing, keelboat regattas, match racing, and Olympic classes.

Sail-World now sends out 200,000 newsletter emails each week. Its event news coverage goes to over 900 different media groups including national and international sailing websites.

Sail-World provides accountable advertising packages, so your Sail-World investment will provide you with solid feedback and client leads.

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