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International Moth European Championship - Championships baptized    
Mon, 29 Apr 2013

The Moth European Championships 2013 started up with greetings from 18 knots of Sirocco wind (south-east) which gusts up to 23. Marsala has a particular coastline shape, thanks to the cape Lilybeo, that allows the race course to be sheltered from the sirocco by having flat water.

Under these conditions, there was the practice race where only 16 of the 36 participants completed the
trial. As tradition, the practice race is not addressed with the same competitive spirit as a standard race,
then arrivals do not really show real values and do not allow prediction. The best ones tend not to be
aggressive at the start and do not care much about the tactic focusing on speed and maneuvers. Despite
this you can see who is fast and who is not there may be with 4/5 knots of difference.

Chris Rast (SUI 3990) ruled yesterday in training setting the new world speed record of the Moth Class,
Saturday morning, equipped with a Velocitek Chris has recorded a top speed of 32.2 knots and an average
of 29.1. Chris, as imaginable, today took part in the practice race being conservative and not finishing the
test, he will be however for sure among the protagonistof the week.

For Italians the only one to finish the race was the great Stefano Rizzi, team leader of the italian Mothies,
with a respectable fourth place has hinted that this year found the pace. Lanulfi Mark, Luke and Thomas
Rizzotti Freddi, the other Italian, have abandoned the race before the end not to risk the equipment in a
race that is crediting points.

The European championship trophy is on display at the sailing club Marsala, the name of Chris Rashley,
reigning European champion, was already engraved twice. Since 1955 the trophy changed hands and on it
are inscribed the names of sailors like Simon Payne, Mark Thorpe, Rohan Veal : they are famous not only for
the Moth but for the active contribution given to the world of sailing and its evolution.

Tomorrow in the water at 12:00, before departing at 13:00, there will be still sirocco intensity between 20
and 30 knots. The Kuehne + Nagel 2013 International Moth European Championship has begun and
tomorrow for 6 days, the foils of the Moth will blast the Marsala waters.


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