Thursday 26 November 2015

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America's Cup 34 - Dark days for US of A as ETNZ reaches match point
It’s hard to be happy these days if you’re a fan of Oracle Team USA. The squad is now facing sudden death against ETNZ
Inner strength at the America's Cup
Imagine what is going on in the mind of Oracle Team USA's Australian skipper, Jimmy Spithill. His team is down 8-1.
America's Cup - More photos from race 11
More photos from race 11 of the 34th America's Cup by Sail-World's Richard Gladwell.
America's Cup - Mr. Sod has his say
Mr. Sod (he of the Law) had his say today as the 12th race of the 34th America’s Cup was about to start.
America's Cup - Photos from race 11 by Richard Gladwell
Photos from race 11 on the Bay at the America's Cup by Sail-World's Richard Gladwell.
America's Cup - More photos from race 11 in San Francisco
More photos from race 11 of the America's Cup in San Francisco by photographers Ricardo Pinto and Gilles Martin-Raget.
America's Cup 2013 - Now its Match point
Race 11 - Day 8, Emirates Team New Zealand can win the 34th America's Cup today. But will they?
America's Cup 2013 - On Match Point
America's Cup - Action shots from race 11
Enjoy this selection of images from race 11 of the America's Cup between Emirates Team New Zealand and Oracle Team USA.
America's Cup - Shore side images from San Francisco
Enjoy these shore side images from day eight of the 34th America's Cup in San Francisco.
America's Cup- Predictwind - Two races expected on Day 8
Predictwind shows a much simpler forecast for Day 8 Wednesday for Races 11 and 12
America's Cup Races 11 & 12 Streaming Live here!!
America's Cup Live Video Replay Races 11 & 12 - 34th America's Cup continued at 1315 PST time today
America's Cup- Daniel Forster fined for late arrival at 34th Match
Top international photographer, Daniel Forster has finally arrived at the 34th America's Cup.
America's Cup- Emirates Team NZ update for Day 7
The wind won the day at San Francisco when Day 7 racing of 34th America's Cup was postponed until tomorrow.
34th America’s Cup - Racing postponed on Day 7
With winds consistently reaching above the speed limit, racing in the 34th America’s Cup was postponed on Tuesday

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