Friday 27 March 2015

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Polkerris Pirates make clean sweep of Team15 regional series    
Fri, 27 Sep 2013

The Polkerris Pirates youth windsurfing team made a clean sweep of the 2013 Team15 regional series at Polkerris Beach this past Saturday, 21 September, when they showed that they could beat their Cornish competitors even with almost no wind at all.

The Pirates, along with the Siblyback Water Warriors, the Stithians Allstars and the Roseland Wave Riders, found that the southerly breeze of between zero and four mph was only just enough to get them moving. Four races were attempted, but only two could be completed.

Undeterred, the youngsters took part in a lively freestyle competition in their fleets, with the winner and runner-up going through to a final heat.

Lots of spinning skill was demonstrated by the Pirates in particular during this competition; Jowan Sleep (15) took the sail off and spun it on his head like an umbrella. George Sioufi (12) got a merit award for non-stop spinning for the entire five minute heat. Their team-mate Jake Penprase (15) was the eventual winner of this event and was awarded an Oshera cap.

After the two main windsurfing races, the Pirates had won a resounding victory, beating the Roseland Wave Riders by a massive 22 points. They are now looking forward to racing in the national final, the Team15 Champions Cup held at Northampton Sailing Club on 12-13 October.

T15 was set up by the RYA to help make windsurfing more accessible and appealing to youngsters at a grass roots level.

Fun and informal training sessions take place at T15 clubs all over the country for kids up to the age of 15, which are run weekly by specialist RYA coaches.

The T15 inter-club championship takes place regionally over the summer adding a competitive edge and race training for those keen to hone their skills.

Kit can be borrowed from the clubs and the cost of sessions is kept low.

To get involved with Team15 and locate your nearest local club visit Team15 or contact the RYA 0845 345 0400.

by RYA

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