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Seawind Charter Boat Investments    

'Seawind Regatta Pittwater 2008, Sydney (AUS) - 18/10/08'    © Andrea Francolini Photography    Click Here to view large photo

Have you every dreamt of owning your own Seawind to go cruising in exotic locations but you are still working and have a few years to until you can cast off. Perhaps you should consider purchasing a Seawind Charter boat and enjoy a professionally managed and maintained Seawind that becomes an ‘Income Producing Asset’ providing a healthy return.

There are charter fleets in Australia’s beautiful Whitsundays and the Caribbean’s British Virgin Islands eagerly awaiting their next Seawind. To learn more, join our no-obligation Webinar, with guest speaker Mark O’Donaghue from Finlease and questions answered by charter fleet operators. Register below:

Tuesday 21 October – 1pm (AUS – EST) -

Tuesday 21 October – 7pm (AUS – EST) -

Tuesday 4 November - 1pm (AUS - EST) -

Tuesday 4 November - 7pm (AUS - EST) -