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Australians run riot, face liquor charges in Northwest Passage transit By Jane George, Nunatsiaq/Sail-World Cruising, 11:58 PM Mon 1 Oct 2012
They didn't come from a sailing boat, but the alleged illegal behaviour, wild partying, harassment of wildlife and bounced cheques** by a group of Australians on a powerboat in the Northwest Passage will affect all Australian cruising sailors in the future who try to transit the great Passage. ...[more]

Lost at sea for 15 weeks before rescued - by a shark By Sail-World Cruising Round-up, 2:40 PM Sat 22 Sep 2012
One of a sailor's worst nightmares is losing the boat, taking to the liferaft only to drift and drift and drift. A man from Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean has lived that nightmare and survived. He was at sea for fifteen weeks before, he claims, a shark led him to rescue and safety. ...[more]

How far from shore to be safe? An incident tells By Des Ryan, 5:42 PM Wed 12 Sep 2012
How far do you keep from the shore while sailing? The best test, according to old salts, is to continue to ask, 'What would happen NOW if my engine/rudder failed?' You need to calculate just how long it would take you to reorganise a method of propulsion. On the basis that the best kind of experience to learn from is 'other people's', a recent incident is a case in point: ...[more]

Solo Atlantic crossing boat meets its ejected owners again By Des Ryan, 10:30 PM Wed 29 Aug 2012
In January this year, we published a quirky story about a boat that, having ejected her crew, sailed across the Atlantic from the USA to Spain. Now, the two men who were ejected, have finally caught up with their boat, the Queen Bee. ...[more]

Farrallones Report on sailing deaths: They cut it too fine. By Sail-World Cruising, 5:29 PM Fri 10 Aug 2012
Part of the point of an investigation into any sailing tragedy is, of course, instructional. Knowing what could have been done differently is a timely lesson to all sailors for the future, racing or cruising. It is particularly applicable to the findings after the sailing accident that occurred in April during the Full Crew Farallones Race out of San Francisco, California - they cut it too fine ...[more]

Brazilian yacht stuck in ice sheet in Antarctica By Merco Press/Sail-World Cruising, , 4:38 PM Wed 8 Aug 2012
Tragic but what an amazing photo. The four Brazilian crew members were taken off this yacht successfully when it sank in the Antarctic in April, likely due to ice compression and strong winds. ...[more]

Mystery deepens over missing sailor By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 7:59 AM Tue 31 Jul 2012
More information has come to light about the disappearance of long range cruising sailor Sean Terry, but the mystery as to what could have happened to him merely deepens. Meanwhile, Austrian scuba diving instructor Stefan Pokorny is being held by Seychelles police, who have so far not charged him with any crime. ...[more]

Runaway sailing boat caught by the Gafirs By Sail-World Cruising, , 1:40 PM Sat 28 Jul 2012
A runaway yacht with its autopilot set led rescuers a merry chase in the Solent this week. The lone sailor on the yacht, who was not tethered, was thrown overboard by the wash from a passing vessel, leaving his yacht still sailing. ...[more]

Austrian sailor held over missing South African yachtsman By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 9:08 AM Tue 24 Jul 2012
An Austrian sailor, Stefan Pokorny - earlier incorrectly reported as an Australian - is being held for questioning in the Seychelles over the disappearance of his skipper on a voyage from Sri Lanka to Madagascar. The skipper's South African family has flown to the Seychelles in a desperate bid for news on the missing yachtsman, Sean Terry, 48, formerly of Cape Town. ...[more]

Mystery over missing South African yachtsman By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 7:19 AM Tue 24 Jul 2012
A South African family has flown to the Seychelles in a desperate bid for news on missing yachtsman Sean Terry, formerly of Cape Town, who disappeared in mysterious circumstances while completing what was to be the final leg of his circumnavigation of the globe on his yacht Finnegan. ...[more]

Whoops! Rescue boats high and dry By Des Ryan, 7:06 AM Sun 22 Jul 2012
As if one rescue boat, meant to be coming to the aid of other vessels, running aground and calling for rescue wasn't embarrassing enough, the crew sent to its aid in another fast rescue boat ended up on the rocks too. The incident happened in Aberdeen Bay, on the coast of Scotland this week. ...[more]

4.a.m. and who's on watch? By Lee Mylchreest, 4:29 PM Mon 16 Jul 2012
It CAN happen to you. It was four a.m., perhaps the sleepiest hour of the night, and the two crew and their Siamese cat were enjoying a night sail on their yacht Obsession - but somebody wasn't doing something right because suddenly they were dismasted by a sports fishing boat with six people on board. ...[more]

Classic Luftwaffe yacht in embarrassing grounding By Sail-World Cruising, , 10:00 AM Tue 10 Jul 2012
Oops! A 41ft classic yacht being sailed by a non-profit British club as a sail training vessel had some embarrassing moments this week when she went aground, firmly, on the Isle of Wight. The 1936 Bermudan-rigged Sea Scamp was circumnavigating the Isle when she hit Quarry Ledge, just east of Thorness Bay. ...[more]

Coast Guard slams unprepared sailors By Fred Caygill, MCA/Sail-World Cruising, 11:39 AM Fri 29 Jun 2012
They are finally talking about it openly. In the UK, North America, Australia, New Zealand, and no doubt other sailing countries, rescuers for years have lamented privately that they are often asked to rescue sailors who are either ignorant, over-confident or unprepared. This report, just in, is undeniably a change of pace. ...[more]

Whale collision sinks boat on final leg of around-world voyage By Nancy Knudsen, 11:11 AM Fri 15 Jun 2012
A long range cruising sailor on a 50ft Perry Cutter has been rescued after being hit by a breaching whale off the coast of Mexico, on the final leg of his journey round the world. The collision damaged his steering and caused the boat to start sinking. ...[more]

San Blas, sailing paradise, but are there sharks and crocodiles? By Christopher Lozinski, Cruisers Network Online, 1:53 PM Mon 28 May 2012
The San Blas archipelago is a cruising sailor's Paradise, comprising 400 islands spread along the Caribbean coastline of Panama. The vast majority are covered with coconut trees and surrounded by white sand beaches, but only 49 are inhabited. Like many remote places, sometimes information is hard to find, particularly if you are talking about sharks and crocodiles, as Christopher Lozinski tells. ...[more]

Against the odds: Chichocki completes circumnavigation By Sail-World Cruising, , 5:02 PM Fri 25 May 2012
On the 30th June 2011, 56-year-old Polish sailor Tomasz Chichocki departed on a solo sail around the world on his Delphia 40.3 yacht Polish Copper (Polska Miedz). It had taken eight years preparation, the journey took nearly a year, he was reported missing during his voyage up the South American coastline after rounding Cape Horn, but now he is back, triumphant. ...[more]

Atlantic Rally yacht hits whale, sinks By World Cruising Club/Sail-World, , 6:53 AM Sun 20 May 2012
The value of undertaking long passages with a rally was shown again this week when a yacht in World Cruising Club's ARC Europe Rally hit a whale and started sinking during an Atlantic Ocean crossing. ...[more]

'Eyesore' sailing ketch to be moved to the BACK yard By Lee Mylchreest, , 4:22 PM Fri 4 May 2012
Restoring a classic boat is something many a yacht lover aspires to, and it's often done at home. But the City of Newport Beach California claimed that one man's half-restored 1916 ketch was an eyesore, was 'destroying the residential character' of the neighbourhood, and demanded he remove it. ...[more]

Missing yacht Polska Miedz - call for help to cruising sailors By Sail-World Cruising, , 11:29 AM Wed 25 Apr 2012
On the 30th June 2011, Polish sailor Tomasz Chichocki departed on a solo sail around the world on his Delphia 40.3 yacht Polish Copper (Polska Miedz). It had taken eight years preparation, and he had a great following, particularly from his home country of Poland. Now he is missing somewhere in the Atlantic and all cruising sailors on his intended route are asked to assist. ...[more]

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