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Missing yacht Polska Miedz - call for help to cruising sailors By Sail-World Cruising, 8:50 PM Tue 24 Apr 2012
On the 30th June 2011, Polish sailor Tomasz Chichocki departed on a solo sail around the world on his Delphia 40.3 yacht Polish Copper (Polska Miedz). It had taken eight years preparation, and he had a great following, particularly from his home country of Poland. Now he is missing somewhere in the Atlantic and all cruising sailors on his intended route are asked to assist. ...[more]

When ALL the crew becomes seriously seasick... By thisisthewestcountry/Sail-World Cruising, , 8:01 PM Sun 15 Apr 2012
Before undertaking a serious voyage, it is worthwhile checking that at least one person on your yacht is never subject to seasickness, as was demonstrated again with a rescue this week which proved harrowing for all involved. We all know individuals who are NEVER seasick, and they can be like-gold when conditions defeat other crew members. Read the story ...[more]

Missing sailing yacht makes contact in the Antarctic By Sail-World Cruising, 9:04 AM Sun 8 Apr 2012
The missing yacht Scorpius has finally made contact, putting to rest the worst fears of the crew's land-based teams. They made contact yesterday (Saturday) as they battled through Antarctic ice with fuel running low. The 29-metre (97 foot) yacht was cut off from communication for several days after water damaged its satellite antennae during a storm on the way to Deception Island. ...[more]

Russian/Ukrainian sailing yacht missing in the Antarctic By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 5:28 AM Sat 7 Apr 2012
Recently the Russian Ukrainian crew on board the 29m steel-hulled sloop Scorpius were jubilant, claiming they had sailed as far south as anyone had ever sailed (see Sail-World story) - now they are missing. ...[more]

Captains Calamity - the dilemma By Des Ryan, , 1:20 PM Sat 24 Mar 2012
Why is it that would-be adventurers without knowledge of seamanship think they can go to sea with a sailing boat under their command and not run the risk of perishing? Apart from gross ignorance, the answer may lie in the proliferation of rescue authorities around the world meant to be called upon by those who suffer from genuine misfortune, but sadly also by those who are simply careless. ...[more]

'Most Innovative' yacht in mystery sinking By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 6:45 AM Sat 18 Feb 2012
Its oversized windows, glass skylights, main deck pool area and beach club, which won it accolades last year for its innovative features were not enough to keep it afloat. Yogi, the 60m superyacht which won the 'Most Innovative Yacht of the Year of 2011' has sunk off the island of Skyros in Greece. ...[more]

Nine-year-old: 'We're gonna sink. We're gonna die,' but family rescued By Lee Mylchreest, 11:43 AM Fri 10 Feb 2012
'If one bad thing goes wrong, it just seems like it gets worse and worse and worse and that's what happened.' These were the words of rescued sailor Mitchell James, the Canadian skipper of the catamaran lost to the Pacific Ocean after he, his brother Bradley and nine-year-old nephew West were rescued over two hundred nautical miles off the coast of Honolulu. ...[more]

Weedy seabed could have caused boat disaster By Sail-World Cruising round-up, , 12:14 PM Mon 6 Feb 2012
A weedy seabed may have been the cause of an experienced Victorian crew's narrow escape when their yacht grounded in severe weather on rocks at East Kangaroo Island, just to the east of Flinders Island in Bass Strait. ...[more]

No rescue for stowaway sailor headed for the Antarctic By nk, 9:15 AM Mon 6 Feb 2012
The New Zealand Government have said they will not take action to rescue a a boat maintenance worker who was apparently accidentally taken to sea on board a Norwegian yacht whose skipper had just been deported. The yacht has no EPIRB on board and was headed to the Antarctic. Depending on weather conditions, the yacht may have already reached the Southern continent. ...[more]

Andhoey has stowaway but no EPIRB in trip to Antarctic By Sail-World Cruising round-up, 10:32 AM Sun 29 Jan 2012
Tearaway Norwegian sailor Jarle Andhoey has told a Norwegian broadcasting company he was told by New Zealand officials to leave New Zealand but didn't know there was still a workman on board. After they left port in a hurry they realised the man was present. He then became an inadvertent stowaway because Andhoey was actually headed for Antarctica with no intention of returning to New Zealand. ...[more]

Queen Bee 'ejects' crew and crosses the Atlantic in three year miracle By nk, , 10:38 AM Fri 27 Jan 2012
Last week an American-registered 26-foot pleasure boat was located 20 nautical miles off the northern coast of Spain and towed to shore. It was with amazement that authorities discovered that it was the hull of the yacht Queen Bee, a North Carolina-built Regulator, which had 'ejected' its crew one stormy day three and a half years earlier off the coast of Nantucket, Massachusetts. ...[more]

Troubled Norwegian sailor Jarle Andhoy heads for Antarctica again By Lee Mylchreest, 1:46 PM Wed 25 Jan 2012
Have you seen this yacht? Unless you are on your way to Antarctica, probably not. The self-proclaimed Viking sailor who embarked on an illegal journey to Antarctica last year which ended in the death of three of his crew and the loss of his boat, is at it again. ...[more]

Frigging in the rigging saves yacht in Phuket By Sert Tongdee, Alan Morison/Sail-World Cruising, , 8:13 AM Sat 3 Dec 2011
Phuket Wan Tourism News caught these images as an informal group of volunteers comprising tourists and Navy personnel left the beach in Phuket and entered the surf to rescue an Australian racing yacht from a very embarrassing pickle by 'frigging in the rigging' in a race against an ebbing tide ...[more]

Three days rowing after yacht sinks - survivors tell their story By Sun Sentinel/Sail-World Cruising, , 9:59 PM Wed 16 Nov 2011
Have you ever had nightmares about what you would do if your boat hit an unknown object mid-ocean and sank suddenly? What if your radios were flooded, your EPIRB didn't work, you couldn't reach your liferaft and you ended up in your dinghy? Well it's happened to two men who lived to tell the tale by rowing for three days. ...[more]

Sunken yacht headache for Brisbane's new Riverwalk By Lee Mylchreest, , 7:41 PM Wed 16 Nov 2011
When the Brisbane River flooded last January, the resulting chaos caused huge damage to the Brisbane River and washed many yachts and fixed structures downstream. Now a yacht has been located still on the bed of the Brisbane River, just where authorities want to erect a new Riverwalk. ...[more]

Ocean Incompetence Inc. - an opinion piece By Nancy Knudsen, 7:34 PM Fri 11 Nov 2011
As a passionate sailor believing in good seamanship, and a journalist writing about sailing every day, I am often struck by how stories of poor seamanship and needless rescues are reported as of brave survivors, battling the elements against all odds. Mostly I try to ignore these tales of woe, but sometimes the degree of proud incompetence from sailors is too extreme to dismiss. Here's a story... ...[more]

After SOS, how to keep up morale? Rescued sailors tell. By IOL/Sail-World Cruising, , 4:35 PM Sun 6 Nov 2011
You're on the high seas with an insurmountable problem. You've called the rescue authorities. Now you're waiting for help. While we all hope that will never happen to us, there's the question: What do you do to keep up morale? ...[more]

Quantum Leap - the abandoned yacht that just wouldn't give up By Nancy Knudsen, 7:05 PM Tue 1 Nov 2011
All they had to do was stay on board and they would have reached their destination in three weeks. But their skipper, badly injured when a freak wave hit the boat, was suspected to be suffering from severe internal bleeding. They called for help, were rescued and abandoned the boat 700 nautical miles from Hawaii. Here follows the strange story of the yacht that just wouldn't give up. ...[more]

Safety rail snag saves yacht after collision By Round-up from New Zealand, 3:04 PM Thu 27 Oct 2011
It was a sorry look for both yacht and motorised catamaran this week in New Zealand as a barge tries to retrieve the situation after a collision between the two. Only a small section of the yacht's sail and the tip of the mast were visible above water. The two boats were snagged with the yacht's mast caught on a safety rail at the front of the catamaran. The yacht was successfully retrieved ...[more]

Mud-foiled sailors airlifted to hospital By Sail-World Cruising round-up, , 2:38 PM Wed 26 Oct 2011
It was what you call a 'bad hair day' for a couple of British sailors. All they wanted was a day out in the yacht, but the two sailors ran into trouble when their yacht ran aground in the muddy Blackwater Estuary near Maldon on the Essex coast during low tide. Of course, it didn't seem such a problem at the time. ...[more]

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