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World Oceans Day appeals for funds By Alyssa Isakower/Sail-World, 10:04 AM Wed 27 Nov 2013
World Ocean Day has recently launched an online fundraiser to raise funds to make World Oceans Day 2014 an even better opportunity for ocean celebration and action. Last year there were over 600 events held in 70 different countries - help us take this event to the next level! ...[more]

Gigantic iceberg sails north from the Antarctic By Live Science/Sail-World Cruising, 5:41 PM Sat 16 Nov 2013
If you are contemplating ever sailing into the Southern Ocean, there's a new hazard that you might need to look out for. Live Science has reported that, after lingering in its birthing bay for nearly six months, an Antarctic iceberg measuring about 270 square miles, or the size of Singapore, is finally heading out to sea. ...[more]

Sailing and swimming with manatees - Oceans Watch Essay By Roger Reep Professor, Uni of Florida/Sail-World, , 9:26 AM Sat 9 Nov 2013
As a fourth generation Floridian in my seventh decade of living, I am interested in preserving the health of the natural environment for my children and grandchildren. This includes the coastal estuaries that link marine and freshwater environments. Manatees in Florida deal with motorized boat traffic throughout much of their range. Florida has about 2000 miles of complex coastline ...[more]

OceansWatch: cruising sailors give something back in the South Pacific By Sail-World Cruising, , 2:31 PM Fri 1 Nov 2013
OceansWatch, established in 2007 by a group of sailors and environmentalists, saw an opportunity for people who were sailing the world's oceans to give something back to the islanders whose homes and reefs they visited. Since then they have been working to achieve this and this is their latest report: ...[more]

'The Ocean is Broken' - without fish, there can be no birds By Nancy Knudsen, 5:15 AM Wed 23 Oct 2013
I first noticed the lack of birds sailing Turkey's coastline.We were so used to birds when close to any coastline- coming up the Red Sea was a delight. We dropped a line when we needed another fish, found one within minutes. But it was the Pacific that really shocked us, its lack of fish - and, no fish meant no birds. Now a sailor who has just sailed from Australia to Japan tells a similar story ...[more]

PlanetSolar reaches Paris after successful ocean study By Sail-World Cruising Round-up, , 9:11 AM Sun 13 Oct 2013
The project began to symbolise the possibilities of solar power for yachts - the first ever circumnavigation of the world using only solar power - but since then the strange 31m yacht with the looks of an alien invader, Turanor PlanetSolar, has found more reasons to exist for the good of the planet - studying the ocean. ...[more]

Monaco Yacht Show goes Green By Marinelink.com/Sail-World Cruising, , 1:08 PM Wed 2 Oct 2013
It might seem ironic, seeing there are so many guzzling superyachts in evidence, but the Monaco Yacht Show has gone Green, aiming at boosting environmental awareness in the world of pleasure craft. ...[more]

Great Pacific Garbage Patch - the real story By Sailors for the Sea - Ocean Watch Essay, , 6:11 AM Sat 7 Sep 2013
No doubt you have heard of the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, and thought goodness, that’s terrible, someone should clean up that island of trash. ...[more]

World's largest solar yacht drops anchor after marine science quest By Planet Solar/Sail-World Cruising, , 11:11 AM Tue 3 Sep 2013
PlanetSolar has dropped anchor in London, thus completing the final stage of the 'DeepWater' scientific expedition After leaving Oostende (Belgium) on August 30, the largest solar boat in the world reached London a day later, thereby bringing the campaign of scientific measurements along the Gulf Stream (PlanetSolar DeepWater) to a close. ...[more]

Boat owners: cover vessels to deter seagulls By PerthNow/Sail-World Cruising, 7:55 AM Sun 25 Aug 2013
It's the nesting season. Sydney boat owners have been issued a plea: cover up your beloved vessels to stop seagulls making nests to raise their chicks. Animal rescue group WIRES have warned that baby seagulls are at risk during this month's breeding season unless owners take action now. ...[more]

PlanetSolar reaches New York By Sail-World Cruising, , 2:14 PM Wed 19 Jun 2013
The MS Tûranor PlanetSolar, the largest solar boat in the world, continues her U.S. tour, and reached yesterday the New York City. As part of the 'PlanetSolar DeepWater' scientific expedition the MS Tûranor PlanetSolar is enabling a team of researchers to take advantage of her exclusive features in order to conduct a campaign of physical and biological measurements along the Gulf Stream. ...[more]

Solomons Islanders get their first 'Marine Protected Area' By Nancy Knudsen, , 6:56 AM Wed 12 Jun 2013
The work that New Zealander Chris Bone and his team at OceansWatch have been doing assisting South Pacific Islanders to cope with climate change effects and ocean pollution for the last few years is bearing rich fruit these days. The Solomon Isand's Provincial Goverment have agreed to register a Marine Protected Area on the remote Rennell Island. ...[more]

Alternative energy - being embraced by the sailing world By Hilary Wiech, Sailors for the Sea/Sail-World, 6:34 AM Mon 27 May 2013
Renewable energy is a hot and sometimes controversial topic on land, but within the sailing world wind generators are old news, and being 'independent of the grid' is taken for granted. ...[more]

Plastiki - the book of a very Green adventure By Nancy Knudsen, 12:08 PM Sun 21 Apr 2013
Sail-World Cruising followed their first crossing of the Pacific to Sydney. They weren't fast, in fact Plastiki sailed like a dog, but she was made of recycled material and David de Rothchild, sailor and global green leader was not out to go fast, he was out to make a point - to draw attention to ocean pollution, and in this he succeeded brilliantly - now there is the book ...[more]

Plastiki - the book of a very Green adventure By Nancy Knudsen, 10:46 AM Sun 21 Apr 2013
Sail-World Cruising followed their first crossing of the Pacific. They weren't fast, in fact Plastiki sailed like a dog, but she was made of recycled material and David de Rothchild, sailor and global green leader was not out to go fast, he was out to make a point - to draw attention to the gross waste and pollution of the Western world, and in this he succeeded brilliantly - now there is the book ...[more]

Planetsolar - crossing oceans again for science and education. By Planetsolar/Sail-World Cruising, 10:57 AM Fri 19 Apr 2013
Having proved her point, that 'sailing' around the world with solar power is possible, Turanor PlanetSolar is off on another adventure, this time to take a series of ongoing physical and biological measurements will be taken of the water and of the air in the Gulf Stream. As she is powered by solar energy, the vessel will not emit any pollutant that might skew the data collected. ...[more]

Planning a sail to the Antarctic any time soon? - check this out! By Media Services, 4:17 PM Mon 1 Apr 2013
While global warming may be making it easier to sail the Northwest Passage and in Arctic regions generally, the same global warming might, paradoxically, make it more difficult to sail in Antarctic regions. In an apparent polar paradox, global warming has led to more ice in the sea around Antarctica and could help insulate the southern hemisphere from atmospheric warming. ...[more]

Solar sailer PlanetSolar heads to sea again. By Sail-World Cruising, , 10:31 AM Sat 30 Mar 2013
One of the world's most imaginative environmental projects was the MS Turanor PlanetSolar, the largest solar-powered vessel in the world. Shaped like an alien invader, slipping across oceans silently, PlanetSolar circumnavigated the world, thus proving that, as the technology gets cheaper, a pollution-free ocean will be possible. Now PlanetSolar is heading to sea again. ...[more]

The question of Turtles By Jennifer Nolan/Sail-World Cruising, 12:27 PM Fri 15 Mar 2013
There are probably few groups of people who come into contact with turtles more than cruising sailors. Whether we dive with them, shout a call when we sight them off the bow, or trek the beaches searching for their footprints, most cruising sailors are fascinated by turtles. And they need help. Read this fascinating article by Jennifer Nolan, a Sailors for the Sea Essay: ...[more]

At 86 knots, enter the Cigarette - the world's fastest electric boat By Gizmodo/Sail-World Cruising, 3:26 PM Sat 23 Feb 2013
What do you do if you just love speed and the water, but would like to be environmentally friendly? A sailing boat is obviously out of the question, and so is your normal power boat. Enter the Cigarette AMG Electric Drive. ...[more]

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