Wednesday 10 February 2016

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Tara, the former Atara sinks after Southport race
The Lyons 43, Tara, known as Atara was on delivery back to Sydney when it hit Bull Rock, southeast of Sugar Loaf Point.
Cheers for Lucifarr
Arrival of Lucifarr at finish off Southport's Main Beach at 4.32pm yesterday marked end of 2004 Gold Coast race.
Two seconds separate yachts after 80 hours
After 384 miles, a ferocious tacking duel between 2003 Hobart handicap winner, Mr Beaks,and Game Set, the Match 38.
Lucifarr fights to the end
Lake Macquarie's Mark Davies and his Lucifarr crew had a tough initiation to ocean racing, becalmed for almost 10 hours
Quest named IRC Provisional Winner
Bob Steel's Quest named provisional IRC handicap winner in the 19th annual Ingles Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race.
Pendragon's Quest, the Gold Coast prize
The Quest crew, now in a replay of their 2002 Hobart finish are waiting for a smaller boat to come home.
A race in two halves
Until Monday, the racetrack was not much more than a millpond and the fleet struggled, now there is breeze.
Sea Change retires with rudder damage
Michael Belahkov’s Sydney 36 Sea Change retires from Ingles Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race with rudder damage.
Small boats race for handicap honours
Strong nor’ westers overnight now eased in the Gold Coast Race and smaller boats hold out the bigger boats on handicap.
Winners are grinners
New Zealander Stewart Thwaites, had Konica Minolta delivered 1,200 nautical miles to contest his first Gold Coast Race
Some races we remember and others we forget
Sailors still talk about the 1999 Southport race when 40 knot southerlies made crews feel they were riding surfboards.
Tailenders approach half-way mark; Konica due late this afternoon
As race leader Konica Minolta streaks towards the finish line this afternoon, three boats yet to reach the half way mark
Game Set reaches half way in Ingles Sydney to Gold Coast race
An overnight westerly drifter has Game Set crossing the half way point in the 384 mile Ingles Sydney to Gold race.
Images from Skandia
Navigator Will Oxley has been sending images during the race from Skandia
Konica Minolta heading for line honours victory
New Zealander Stewart Thwaites had a score to settle with Grant Wharington's same-sized Skandia which beat him to Hobart

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