Thursday 26 November 2015

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Skandia search is on again!
Skandia, title sponsors of Skandia Geelong Week is offering entrants the opportunity to participate in the Skandia Squad
Notice of Race - OUT NOW
Skandia Geelong Week 2006 Notice of Race is out now!
Free entry to Skandia Cowes Week!
If you competed at Skandia Geelong Week 2005, you have an opportunity to enter Skandia Cowes Week 2005 – free!!
An experience of a lifetime!
The Rotary Youth – Skandia Geelong Week program provided a once a lifetime opportunity for six regional Victorian youths
Free entry to Skandia Cowes Week!
If you competed at Skandia Geelong Week 2005, you have an opportunity to enter Skandia Cowes Week 2005 – free!!
Calling all Skandia Geelong Week skippers, competitors and owners!
Tell us what you thought about Skandia Geelong Week 2005!
Ichi Ban’s quick dash from Geelong pays dividends
A fast 480 nautical mile motor-sail from Skandia Geelong Week to Sydney paid off on Saturday for Matt Allen’s Ichi Ban.
Our condolences go out to Teri Dodds and her family at the recent loss of her mother.
Sailors return home as the major events draw to a close
Geelong Week and Sail Melbourne are over for another year
Nick Moloney and Skandia in Rio de Janeiro
Just as dark descended on a rainy Rio de Janeiro last night, Nick Moloney brought Skandia in to dock under her own power
Kookaburra in Classic Yacht win
Kookaburra, the Murray Swarbrick 12 metre yacht the Parks Victoria Classic Yachts series at Skandia Geelong Week.
Spirit of Rani nabs Coca Cola trophy
After a head to head battle with Ingenue Ian Robottom’s Spirit of Rani has taken home the Coca Cola Cruising trophy.
The party just keeps on getting bigger
Record crowds, record entries, a spectacular fireworks display and racing to match.
Aussie Day spirit gives solo yachtsman something to smile about
The folks at home have given Australian solo yachtsman, Nick Moloney something to smile about.
Skandia under tow heading for Rio
Almost 24 hours after losing the keel, the Brazilian Patrol boat Guajarafinally got a tow line to Skandia.

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